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California Office of Digital Innovation

What we’re building

Too often, government services don’t actually meet the needs of the people who use them. California Office of Digital Innovation (ODI) will work to change that by putting residents’ needs at the heart of state services. Whether it’s homelessness, housing, wildfires, or any one of the serious issues facing California, ODI will partner with innovators across the state to deliver radically better services.  Learn how you can join our growing team

Meet our team

Udaya Patnaik

Director Udaya Patnaik is working to build a road map for transforming how California thinks about users and how digital services can improve lives. Before joining ODI, Udaya co-founded Jump Associates in 1998, a leading strategy and innovation consulting firm serving corporations, government agencies, non-profits and philanthropies.

Jen Tress

Recruitment and Talent Lead Jen Tress is leading the work to attract and retain a diverse pool of smart, qualified people who are committed to building a better California. Before joining ODI, Jen was Chief of Staff at the Technology Transformation Service, and Talent Director at 18F (2015-2018) and spent several years as a consultant serving the public and private sectors.

Eric Hysen

Project Lead Eric Hysen is helping to shape ODI’s approach to project work, via a partnership model. Before joining ODI, Eric was with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative where he spearheaded their Justice & Opportunity Initiative to strengthen communities, and was a founding member of the United States Digital Service, leading the team at the Department of Homeland Security.

JP Petrucione

Communications Lead JP Petrucione is putting transparency and openness into practice in support of ODI and @CAdotgov’s work. Before joining ODI, JP was the Global Digital Media Director for Public Policy at Airbnb, founder and Managing Partner at Social Stream Media and served as Governor Newsom’s Deputy Communications Director when he was the Mayor of San Francisco.

What we’ll do

ODI will work collaboratively with state agencies to improve digital services for Californians.  Our work will include early stage research and prototyping for new projects as well as independent counsel and advice on existing large projects.

Focus on users and services

Put Californians at the heart of service design. Use qualitative and quantitative user research to inform everything from discovery to delivery.

Create a new way of working

Foster a culture of experimentation, creativity, and iteration. Build a team of passionate, diverse people committed to human-centered design and agile delivery practices.

Build capacity in others

Ensure long term product sustainability by making sure departments have the skills and capacity to continually improve services.

California needs you

If you’re interested in building solutions to help solve problems like homelessness, housing, wildfires or any of the many issues facing California today:

Join our team